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About Zearing Child Enrichment Center

Our Philosophy

We believe that children develop to their fullest potential when they are loved, secure and happy with themselves. Our staff provides warm, nurturing interaction with children to enhance in each child a positive self-esteem.

We believe in providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum that addresses the process of learning to enhance successful experiences for each individual child. Learning centers are designed to allow children to explore, experience and succeed.

We believe that children learn best in an environment abounding in opportunities and stimulating materials to explore, encouraged by gentle, patient and reassuring adults. Healthy and safe environment...

We believe that children learn by progressing from the familiar to explore new areas and new roles. The staff will provide various opportunities to stimulate each child's natural curiosity.

We believe children learn best when they realize that limits are set to protect them. The staff uses positive age-appropriate discipline techniques that enhance a child's sense of self-worth and responsibility.

We believe parents and teachers form an important partnership ... a partnership for the benefit of the child. Our doors are open to parents at all times and encourage daily communication between parents and staff.

We believe strength of our program is the dedication and commitment of our staff. Professional development of staff is a required component within the program through staff training, college courses, on-site resources and sharing of ideas.